Commercial Films

Neutral Non reflective

Neutral film has a very soft, neutral gray color that blends in well with interior decor and is designed not to disturb the natural views outside the window.these films deliver low interior reflectivity, allowing for more undisturbed outside views, and are designed to protect interior furnishings from fading by providing strong heat and uv protection.Shades come in 20%,35%,& 50%.Call for free samples!!

Premium Dual Reflective

Dual reflective films deliver the highest level of heat rejection availible.Suitable for dual pane and low-E windows,This film is a hit with architects and designers because of its dual reflectivity allows for more optimal day and night views while still providing substantial solar protection.This film give you the best of both worlds-heat,glare, and UV protectionon the inside and abeautiful unimpaired vision outside outside the window.Shades come in 7%,27% & 45%.Call for free samples!!

Solar Bronze

Solar Bronze Line delivers exceptional solar protection, and its warm copper design can enhance a country home or mountain setting as well as compliment commercial buildings.Bronze's metallized construction provides up to 70% heat protection, balancing and controlling bothersome hot spots inside your home or office.Blocks up to 99% UV rays that cause interior fading of furniture, wood floors and rugs.Shades come in 18% & 38%.Call for free samples!!

Solar Silver

Solar Silver line is designed for maximum heat rejection, this is a perfect solution for buildings and homes that receive an excessive amounts of solar exposure.Its metalized construction provides the comfort and protection needed while reducing the suns glare that causes unwelcome eye strain.This line works well with todays sophisticated commercial and residential architecture. Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays that cause interior fading and health risks. Shades come in 15%,30% & 50%.Call for free samples!!


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