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Cotton Gem Orbital wax apply bonnet

These cloth terry bonnets attach to the pad on the gem orbital they are washable and reusable.

Buffer Pad Back Plate

This Velcro back plate attaches to the dewalt high speed buffer to inter change the colored foam pads. 

Kechup bottle

Use these kechup bottles to break down a gallon jug of polish , wax and compound to apply easyer on the paint surface.

Microfiber Wash Mitt

Thes microfiber wash mitts work well and are safe for most car finishes!

Wash Sponge

This is our most economical sponge we carry!

Microfiber Sponge

These micro fiber sponges are great for most paint surfaces.

2in Masking Tape

This masking tape works great for taping off plastic exterior trim and bumpers so your buffing machine doesn't tock it.

Sheep Skin Wash Mitt

This sheep skin wash mitt is very soft and safe for most vehicle finishes. Well worth the money!

Hand Wash Mitt

This wash mitt is the most economical choice to wash a car.

Cotton Swabs 100count

These cotton swabs are great for hard to reach and hard to get at surfaces airvents etc.

Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad

This micro fiber wax / polish applicator pad works great for applying wax to vehicles pain " washable".

Micro Fiber Towel

This is a great towel micro fiber cleans just about anything in a car dash , Takes off exterior wax and polish etc.

Small Hard bristle brush

This hand held hard bristle brush is great for carpets and fabric along with shampoo on vehicles upholstery.

Large Hard Bristle Brush

This heavy duty bristle brush ids best used for scrubing upholtery and carpets in vehicle along with shampoo.

Pet Hair Brush

This pet hair brush is used on interior fabrics of a vehicle and carpes for fast removal of unwanted pet hair. 

Horse Hair Brush

This horse hair brush is very soft and mostly used with a mild cleaner on leather seats.

Medium Tooth Brush

this medium tooth brush is used on vehicle dashes air vents and all other cracks and crevices.

Tire Shine Application Brush

This brush is used to apply tire dressing on clean tires.

Medium Soft Wheel Cleaning Brush

This is a medium soft cleaning brush used for heavyer brake dust build up on your wheels.

Large Very Soft Mag Wheel Brush

This is a very soft mag wheel brush used when washins the wheels of your vehicle.Used best on chrome and aluminum wheels.

White Buffer Final Finish Pad

This white final finish foam pad is best used to apply wax or sealant to the paint suface No compound with a high speed buffer @ 1700 rpm.

Green Buffer Light Cut

This greeg light polish / cut pad is best used with a polish ofr 2500 - 3000 soft cut compound with a high speed buffer @ 1700 rpm. 

Yellow Buffer Medium Cut

This medium foam cut pad is great for 1500 to 2500 compounds @ a speed rpm of 1400.

Blue Buffer Pad Soft

This Blue soft foam pad is made to attach to a velcro plate on a high speed bufer machine great for applying waxes and polishes.

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