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# Cyc80-010/C-Head

The synchronized movement of the Cyclo Polisher’s dual orbiting heads most effectively mirrors the overlapping circular motion of fine hand polishing. The result is a perfectly balanced machine that produces less vibration and a mirror-like finish without swirl marks or risk of damage to paint.

Because of its dual headed orbital design, its polishing heads do not remain in one spot—even if the polisher is held in a stationary position. As a result, there is no heat build up. No burning, marring, gouging, or swirl marks can occur. Even a novice can produce professional-looking results without the risk of damaging a vehicle’s trim pieces or finish.

Dewalts Multi Speed Buffer

The Dewalt 849 High Speed Buffer is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. In the right hands, this machine is capable of polishing your paint to high gloss perfection!

The Dewalt 849 is known in the professional auto detailing world as arguably the best high speed rotary buffer ever made.

VELCRO backing plate not included, must purchase seperately.

Dewalt buffer back Plate Velcro

This back plate attaches to the dewalt (Dew-1)buffer and lets you put on and remove polishing foam pads quick and easy.

Gem Orbital Polisher

GEM INDUSTRIES invented the Orbital Polisher almost 50 years ago with one objective in mind...eliminate swirl marks caused by high speed rotary buffers. Unlike the high speeds, the Orbital "oscillates", or duplicates the motion of your hand as if you were hand waxing the surface of a car. The difference of course is that the Orbital creates 1700 oscillations per minute....but without heat or friction.

Gem offers two Orbitals: the 14 lb. model CHD, and the 16 lb. model BW-C. Both models come in heavy duty cast aluminum housings, with a shock resistant coating. Both models are available in either 110 or 220 volt, and come with a two year warranty on the motors. The motor on the 16 lb. model provides a little more torque. Gem Orbitals are the choice of professional detailers and built to run 8 hours a day, seven days a week.

Terry Bonnets For Gem Orbital

These terry bonnets attach to the bottom of the the Gem -1 Orbital for applying and removal of wax and / or polish. 

Gem Orbital Tin back Pad

These are replacement main pads for Gem orbital.

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