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Simoniz Intant shine

Great final detail product. Leaves a high shine on vinyl, plastics, bumpers, tires and rubber. Just spray on and let dry fo a like new shine.


Simoniz Fabric Protect

Protects fabrics from dirt , grease , stains, and water. Use on furnature , throw pillows, ties, hats etc, It is effective for protection from both oil and water based paints and soils.


Simoniz Citrus Spray

Cleans, deoderizes and degreases floors, walls , vehicles , equiptment, washable paint surfaces, porcelin, and all tile sufaces, Easily removes fingerprints , scuff marks, grease , light carbon  , etc. Does not contain butyl, chlorinated or petroleum solvants.


Simoniz Adhesive Remover

Water based formulation to remove residual adhesive after the decal or sticker has been removed   .It is suitable for glass , plexi glass , vinyl, and polly banners, sentra , lexan , polycarbonates, acrysteel, magnets, painted aluminum, and aout paint.


Simoniz Spot Remover

Clans, penetrates and deoderizes without leaving a residue. Effective for removing dirt, ink,grease, oil,mud, ketchup urine, vomit, coffee, etc. Unique upsidedown spray valve concentrates the stream spray on the spot without heavy overspray.


Simoniz Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Cleans and restores carpets and upholstery to a like new condition in one easy step.Use on chairs , couches, carpets, rugs, etc. formulation leaves carpets dry.


Simoniz Glass Cleaner

Great for cleaning and polishing glass , mirrors and non porous materials. No dripping , nop running and no streaking. * Awsome for Tinted glass as well.


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