Measuring and metering

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Fine Tip Opaker marker

Fine tip marker to touch up ares in the film .

                                             Sale Price $ 6.95

Wide Film Opaker Marker

This is a wide film color marker for filling in hard to cut spots.

                                             Sale Price $ 7.95

China Marker

This china marker is great for making markings on window film.

                                             Sale Price $ 3.99

Window Switch Tape

This printed tape helps remind customers not to roll down thier windows until 3-5 days have gone by. place on window switches.

                                             Sale Price $ 54.99

Gasket Wizard

Used to pull back rubber door gaskets that are stiff to slide film behind. " Entire kit ".

                                             Sale Price $ 149.95

Wagner multi adjust heat gun

This is the top of the line multi adjustible heat settings for all different type of films.

                                             Sale Price $ 99.95

Wagner basic heat gun

This 2 speed heat setting gun works well shaping film.

                                             Sale Price $ 32.95


High grade Alumium 48" ruller for cutting straight.

                                             Sale Price $ 14.95




Larger triangular ruller and circle cut out tool.

                                             Sale Price $ 22.95


Special tri-angular ruller use to measure cuts and cut out circles.

                                             Sale Price $ 10.95

Tint meter

Police meter for measuring VLT on automobile windows.

                                            Sale Price $ 124.95

Quality tape Measure

 Basic 16' Tape measure an aid in saving scrap tint and to measure befor you cut.

                                            Sale Price $ 12.95

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