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Lil' Chizler

Lil' chilzer is one of the best all around tools.

Take out small creases and points with ease.  

                                           Sale Price $ 1.99

White 4

4 " White teflon card for exterior window film .

                                            Sale Price $ 2.95


Gold 4

This gold card is a little softer than the white one.

This card also is a great tool when pre-shrinking the film on the outside of tyhe vehicle.

                                            Sale Price $ 3.95

Black 4

Exellent 4" black hard card used on the exterior of film.

Take out slack in film when wet or dry heat shrinking.

                                            Sale Price $ 2.95

Push stick tool

Push stick tool is mainly used to tuck downside door gaskets

                                             Sale price $ 3.95

Unger pro handle

Sold to use with channel rubber blades or blue maxes.

                                             Sale Price $ 10.95 


This 6" channel squeegee is for the unger pro handle.

                                            Sale price $ 4.95

3.5 Turbo Squeegee

3.5" A must for auto glass tint getting out bubbles.

                                              Sale Price $ 6.95

5.5 Turbo Squeegee

A must have for any auto tinter to get out bubbles.

                                             Sale Price $ 8.95

Long Yellow turbo

Long yellow turbo is mostly used in commercial and residential applications for getting out bubbles.

                                             Sale Price $ 22.95


Slammer is used to push out bubbles in rear windows.

                                             Sale Price $ 8.95

Slim Foot

This must have for every rear window that is a tight fit.

                                             Sale Price $ 25.95

Auto Bull Dozer

Reach into tight rear deck windows " A must have tool ".

                                            Sale Price $ 22.95

Green Contour

Green contour is a great tool for pushing down inperfections on quarter windows.

                                            Sale Price $ 6.95

Gold EZ corner tool

6.5" Gold EZ reach corner tool for hard to rech Quarter windows.

                                            Sale Price $ 3.95

Red little foot

The red little foot is a medium stiffness for hard to reack areas.

                                            Sale Price $ 4.95

Red Devil

8" red devil works great pulling back door gaskets.

                                             Sale Price $ 3.95


6.5" ConQuerors A true must have for any tinter.

                                             Sale Price $ 5.95

Black 5-Way Tool

Black 5-Way tool great softer than the white one to trim flat glass.

                                             Sale Price $ 4.95

5-Way Tool

White 5-Way tool exellent for commercial & residential trimming.

                                             Sale Price $ 3.95

6" White & Black Rubber Edge

6" white / black edge good for getting out trapped bubbles in film.

                                             Sale Price $ 2.95

Bondo card 4"

4" Blue bondo card medium hardness for shaping side windows.

                                             Sale Price $ 2.95

Hook pulling tool

This is a great tool for door gaskets pulling them back up .

                                            Sake Price $ 10.95

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